The only thing that gets me through the day

Two types of people in this world

love4retroglamor asked: You CAN do it. These people you're dealing with may simply be too immature to attempt to comprehend the prospect that MAYBE, just maybe you've got things going on in your life too. The fact that they aren't willing to help, or give you some space or support to help you tells me that they aren't worth your time. I follow your blog, and it's the bee's fucking knees. I think you're great, and all your followers think you're great. I'd just say, sit tight and distract yourself until it goes away x

i find my followers on tumblr like yourself to be amazing people. 

why i cant have people like you actually in my life in my day to day i dont know instead im surrounded by people who know the art of taking but not the lesson of giving  

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Anonymous asked: I'm sorry you're feeling so down, it must be an added strain being under the weather too. I'd just say, try your best not to dwell. Grab a cuppa or a mug of hot chocolate, and watch your favourite Tarantino flick x

please come of anon, 

you sound nice.

its not even that its just everything is coming to ahead now.

im sick of everyones bullshit and all anyones doing to me lately is screwing me over or using me and im over it.

people are so quick to do shit like that but do any of them take the second to think hey maybe she is dealing with other stuff at the moment or maybe she is feeling this way and by me being an asshole to her is only adding to a whole heap of more emotion pain she is already feeling ? 

no one  cares and i dont care because cause im done caring  and i’m over it 

i cant do it anyone im so done over everyone over me over life just finished with it 

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pacmanc asked: hey :) how are you?

Hey :)

Im good thank you, how are you :)

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But then I think better not

So I kept it xo